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Zan, the girl who became a legend.

Zanitwana, aka Zan, was a very happy and cool girl. She loved to make up stories, talk to other people, help people with things and so much more. It was so amazing that a person was that generous. But one day, her friend came up to her.

“Hey! Do you mind if we go have a talk in that empty classroom?” Bella asked.

“Of course!” Zan replies with. They walk into the classroom, and they started to shiver.

“Brr, it’s cold in here. Argh, it’s so gloomy. No windows and only grey walls. Feels like prison,” Bella said. They have a look at the walls and see some graffiti on it. It said, ‘YOU HAVE MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!’ The wooden door slowly closed. It then made a loud lock noise.

“ARGH!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!” Bella shrieked. A mysteries person wearing a hoody walked towards them. Then put something on the ground.

“BELLA! MOVE!!!” Zan shouted. Zan covered the thing on the ground but… it was over. Zan had sacrificed her life for Bella’s.

“NO! ZAN! ZANITWANA! NO!” Bella burst into a waterfall of tears.


It had been 10 years later. Bella was now in University. The news about Zan, that happened a decade ago, was the news of the time. Bella was one of the most famous people in her Uni.

“Hey Bella. You know at the end of the day we are all human,” said her friend called Taylor. Whenever someone bought that up, Bella got so sad, that she wanted to run away. One day, she was in the library, reading a book, when someone tapped her on the shoulder. Bella didn’t feel like to talking to anyone, so she pretend that she didn’t feel anything. The person tapped again, yet Bella didn’t flinch. For the third time, the person tapped on her shoulder.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” Bella asked, without turning around.

“I want you to turn around.”

The voice sounded so familiar. Bella finally turned around, and what she saw made her burst in tears, but this time, with joy.


“You shouldn’t be sorry. When that thing blew up, it created a bunch of dust, so no one could see anything. I’ve been living at my great, great, great Grandma’s house in South America. I’m so sorry. I checked all the university’s once I came back to Australia. I finally found you!!!” Zan was so happy, but not as happy as Bella. They wrapped their arms around each other.

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inky State Library Victoria

Whoa! Good twist!

13th Sep, 20